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डाउनलोडUnit NameTender NumberTender TitlePublishing Dateअंतिम तिथिपरिशिष्ट
E-234 Inlays ID1 Smart cards - PQBप्रतिभूति मुद्रणालय, हैदराबादPQB No. SPPH/A-II/E-234/INLAY/2023, dated 02-12-2023PRE-QUALIFICATION BID (PQB) NOTICE FOR PROCUREMENT OF POLY CARBONATE (PC) INLAYS FOR MANUFACTURING OF ID1 SMART CARDS, QUANTITY : 360,000 NOS.2023-12-02 16:40:002024-01-02 10:45:00
Tender 6000018558_BSID Cardsप्रतिभूति मुद्रणालय, हैदराबाद6000018558 /SPPH/A-II/E-236/2023/2661Procurement of Contactless chip based smart cards on Nomination basis2023-11-27 17:54:002023-12-19 11:00:00
3 lakh Card Event Details 18.11.2023प्रतिभूति मुद्रणालय, हैदराबादSPMCIL/Security Printing Press Hyderabad/Purchase/7/23-24/ET/108(3 Lakh Smart Card Mfg Facility)Hiring of Manufacturing Facility for Manufacturing of 3 lakh Smart Cards in SPPH premises with outside agency2023-11-18 12:21:002023-12-01 11:00:00
1.5 TR Split AC GeM Tenderप्रतिभूति मुद्रणालय, हैदराबादGEM/2023/B/41760841.5 TR Inverter Split AC with Accessories - Qty 4 Nos2023-11-13 16:22:002023-12-11 11:00:00
GeM-Bidding-5466041-X-ray baggage finalप्रतिभूति मुद्रणालय, हैदराबादGEM/2023/B/4090252, dated 9-11-2023Procurement of X - Ray Baggage Inspection System as per MHA QRs, Qty.: 1no.2023-11-08 17:15:002023-12-09 11:00:00
GeM-Bidding-5524523_Re-rubberisationप्रतिभूति मुद्रणालय, हैदराबादGEM/2023/B/4143479, dated 08-11-2023Hiring of services for Rerubberisation of rollers for a period of one year Qty 60000 Sqcm2023-11-08 15:01:002023-12-08 11:00:00
Tender Documentप्रतिभूति मुद्रणालय, हैदराबादSPMCIL/Security Printing Press Hyderabad/Purchase/4/23-24/ET/74[Semi Rotary Die Cutting Machine]Semi Rotary Die Cutting Machine2023-08-22 11:08:002023-12-12 11:00:00
GeM-Bid- Reel core 10102023प्रतिभूति मुद्रणालय, हैदराबादGEM/2023/B/4047847, dated 10.10.2023Reel core 8mm wall thickness, Qty. : 59853 mtrs+ /-5%2023-10-10 10:42:002023-12-08 11:00:00