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Jun 15, 2022 , New Delhi –
The long cherished dream of Hyderabad Citizens fructified, as SPMCIL opened the doors of the Saifabad Mint, Hyderabad in the form of a Museum on the occasion of 75 years of independence on 7th June 2022. The exhibition on “Evolution of coins in India” has attracted a large foot fall and created interest amongst the citizens of Hyderabad. Saifabad Mint, Hyderabad is a pride for the Deccan heritage as it excelled in making coins, notes, stamps, and other engineering items, setting the first stage of industrialisation, dating back to 1903. Mir Mahboob Ali Khan (1869-1911), the Sixth Nizam of Hyderabad, established this Mint similar to the European Mints in 1903. Saifabad Mint Museum beautifully depicts the history of Mints, the Asaf Jahi coins, and a photo collection of Glimpses of Old Mint Memories. The Museum presents Coins based on shapes and Coins made from Metals of different types. The Museum possesses the precious Die striking stone that enabled punch-marked coin way back in 1803 at Sultan Sahi. The Focus of the display is on Republic India coinage, Commemorative coinage, and the Minting process presented through a lively video so that shows how Mint works.