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Hiring of manpower services on outsource basis for allied works, qty 50 persons for a period of one year through geM

FOR TENDER NO : GEM/2023/B/3376550
Unit Name : Security Printing Press, Hyderabad
Name of Contractor :

M/s. K S Enterprises, Hyderabad

Value of Contract :

Rs. 1,97,79,436.75

Item/Nature of work : Hiring of manpower services on outsource basis for allied works, qty 50 persons for a period of one year through geM
Mode of Tender Enquiry :
Date of Publication of NIT : 09/May/2023
Type of Bidding :
Last Date of Receipt : 09/Jun/2023
Nos. of Tenders Recd.: 140
Nos. of Parties Qualified after technical evalution : 17
Nos. of Parties DisQualified after technical evalution : 123
Names of Parties Qualified after technical evalution :

i. M/s. GA Digital Webword Pvt. Ltd.,
ii. M/s. K S Enterprises
iii. M/s. Secret Investigation and Security Services
iv. M/s. Spry Soft Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,
v. M/s. Sri Renuka Shakti Security Services Pvt. Ltd.
vi. M/s. LN Outsourcing Pvt . Ltd.
vii. M/s. SA India Resources

Names of Parties DisQualified after technical evalution :

1. M/s. A P Services
2. M/s. A R Infotech
3. M/s. Aarogya Manpower LLP
4. M/s. Accord Sales Corporation
5. M/s. Affinity IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
6. M/s. Aga Enterprises
7. M/s. Almighty Manpower & Security Services
8. M/s. Amarjeet Sigh and Sons Company
9. M/s. Angel Manpower & Security Services
10. M/s. Aryan Security Service
11. M/s. Autobots IT Solution Pvt. Ltd.,
12. M/s. Avadh Services
13. M/s. Ayyappa Enterprises
14. M/s. B.R. & Company
15. M/s. Bhoomi Infrastructure
16. M/s. Bison Security and House Keeping Services
17. M/s. Care Zest Services Pvt Ltd.,
18. M/s. Ciss Bureau
19. M/s. Corporate House Keeping Services (India) Pvt. Ltd.,
20. M/s. DSBS Services Pvt. Ltd.,
21. M/s. DSY Solutions
22. M/s. Dynamic Associates
23. M/s. Ejee Complete Office Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
24. M/s. ET Enterprises
25. M/s. Gemnik Management Pvt. Ltd.,
26. M/s. Geogravity Services Pvt. Ltd.,
27. M/s. Global Contractors
28. M/s. Gorakhpur Intelligence Security
29. M/s. Group 24/7 Logistic Security Services
30. M/s. Gupta Enterprises
31. M/s. Guru Nanak Security
32. M/s. Happy Square Outsourcing Services Pvt. Ltd.,
33. M/s. Hybrid Fleet Management Pvt. Ltd.,
34. M/s. Industries Labour Suppliers
35. M/s. Infinite E Governance Services
36. M/s. Innsaei Business
37. M/s. Inspiring Careers
38. M/s. Isha Protectional
39. M/s. Ishanvi Security and Infrastructure Services Pvt. Ltd.
40. M/s. Itcons E-Solutions Ltd.,
41. M/s. JB Security Services
42. M/s. Jagadvyapi Facilities Pvt. Ltd.,
43. M/s. Jawan Guarding Services Pvt Ltd.,
44. M/s. Juk Projects and Services Pvt. Ltd.,
45. M/s. Kamal Sanitation Works
46. M/s. Kanishk Enterprises
47. M/s. King and Angel Diamond Services Pvt Ltd
48. M/s. KK Group of Companies
49. M/s. L.B. Bonafide Pvt. Ltd
50. M/s. Lalita Enterprises
51. M/s. LN Management Services
52. M/s. Lord Securator Sevices Pvt Ltd.
53. M/s. Lucky Group Security Services
54. M/s. Ammy Enterprises
55. M/s. Nirbhik India Services
56. M/s. Vijay Enterprises
57. M/s. Mainwire Outsource Pvt. Ltd.,
58. M/s. Mancline
59. M/s. Manoj Kumar Pathak
60. M/s. Micro Marketing
61. M/s. Miracle Space
62. M/s. Nakshatra Housekeeping Services
63. M/s. Narsing Rao Basanola
64. M/s. Necessa Security & Integrated Services Pvt. Ltd.,
65. M/s. New Delhi Security Services Pvt. Ltd.,
66. M/s. Nimra Construction and Suppliers
67. M/s. NPS Facilities
68. M/s. Outsourcing Solutions
69. M/s. Panther Facility Services Pvt. Ltd.,
70. M/s. Patliputra Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,
71. M/s. Pinakine Secure Security Solutions
72. M/s. Poorv Sainik Security Service
73. M/s. Prasanna Housekeeping Glass Cleaning & Security Services
74. M/s. R.C. International
75. M/s. Raj Construction
76. M/s. Rajiv Associates
77. M/s. RC Info Solutions
78. M/s. Reguerdon Inc
79. M/s. Riddhi Siddhi Enterprises
80. M/s. RRB Corporate Services Pvt. Ltd.,
81. M/s. SSDN Services & Solutions
82. M/s. SSV Creations
83. M/s. Sadhna Security Services
84. M/s. Safe Shadow Security Services
85. M/s. Sai Educare Pvt. Ltd.,
86. M/s. Sangeeta Enterprises
87. M/s. SAP Skills & Staffing Pvt. Ltd.,
88. M/s. Sarv Utthan Welfare
89. M/s. Satnaam Canteen Catering and Fast Food
90. M/s. SDM Jobs & Consulting Pvt. Ltd.,
91. M/s. Servitor Intelligence Services LLP
92. M/s. Shraddha Security Service
93. M/s. Shri Ahladini Enterprises
94. M/s. Shriviraj Security Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,
95. M/s. Sidheshwar Security Services
96. M/s. Sierra Software Systems and Solutions
97. M/s. Sios India Pvt. Ltd.,
98. M/s. SJ Recruitment Contracts Pvt. Ltd.,
99. M/s. Sky High Secure Security Services
100. M/s. SM Multi Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,
101. M/s. SM Workforce Pvt. Ltd.,
102. M/s. SMVD Group Secure Services
103. M/s. SPD International Infratech Pvt. Ltd.,
104. M/s. Spectrum IT World
105. M/s. Squad 7 Projects and Services Pvt. Ltd.,
106. M/s. Sri Mitra Associates
107. M/s. Sri Sai Security Services
108. M/s. SRR Security Services
109. M/s. Sudha Enterprises
110. M/s. Sujeet Kumar
111. M/s. Team of Sai Company
112. M/s. TMK Infra Construction and Travels
113. M/s. Tripathi Brothers Services
114. M/s. Tripathi Brothers Services Pvt. Ltd.,
115. M/s. Triyambak Udyog
116. M/s. Tromso Services Pvt. Ltd.,
117. M/s. Twin Cities Manpower Services
118. M/s. Unified Excellence LLP
119. M/s. V M Security Services
120. M/s. Vaikunth Group Enterprises
121. M/s. Vanya Enterprises
122. M/s. Veena Enteprises
123. M/s. Vicky Enterprises

Awarded to Lowest : Yes
Scheduled Date of completion of supplies : 15/Sep/2024
Contract No :

GeM contract order no. GEMC-511687760579511

Contract Date : 06/Sep/2023
Actual Date of Start of Work : 15/Sep/2023
Actual Date of Completion :
Award Date : 06/Sep/2023
Award Upload Date : 03/Oct/2023
Reasons for delay if any :
Remark if any :