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Hiring of Manpower services on outsource basis for a period of four months

FOR TENDER NO : GEM/2022/B/2789371
Unit Name : Security Printing Press, Hyderabad
Name of Contractor :

M/s. Secret Investigation and Security Services, Telangana

Value of Contract :

Rs. 27,01,365.42

Item/Nature of work : Hiring of Manpower services on outsource basis for a period of four months
Mode of Tender Enquiry :
Date of Publication of NIT : 03/Dec/2022
Type of Bidding :
Last Date of Receipt : 14/Dec/2022
Nos. of Tenders Recd.: 64
Nos. of Parties Qualified after technical evalution : 13
Nos. of Parties DisQualified after technical evalution : 51
Names of Parties Qualified after technical evalution :

1. M/s. Awadh Security Services Pvt. Ltd., West Bengal
2. M/s. Leo Security Force and Allied Services, Telangana
3. M/s. Metro Management Services, Telangana
4. M/s. Secret Investigation and Security Services, Telangana
5. M/s. Sprysoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Telangana
6. M/s. Sri Durga Consultency Services, Andhra Pradesh
7. M/s. Sri Renuka Shakti Security Services Pvt. Ltd., Telangana
8. M/s. Ayyappa Enterprises, Telangana
9. M/s. SM Workforce Pvt. Ltd., Rajasthan
10. M/s. Sri Venkateswara Technologies, Telangana
11. M/s. SRR Security Services, Telangana
12. M/s. Swiss Agency, Andhra Pradesh
13. M/s. SJTS International Pvt. Ltd., Uttar Pradesh

Names of Parties DisQualified after technical evalution :

1. M/s. A P Services Provider, Uttar Pradesh
2. M/s. Akhya Security Services, Uttar Pradesh
3. M/s. Angel Manpower & Security Services, Uttar Pradesh
4. M/s. Arbuda Enterprises, Gujarat
5. M/s. Arihant Outsourcing Solutions, Uttar Pradesh
6. M/s. Aslekha Enterprises, Delhi
7. M/s. CMS India, Madhya Pradesh
8. M/s. Dronacharya Sewa Sansthan, Uttar Pradesh
9. M/s. Ejee Complete Office Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Delhi
10. M/s. Growia Facility Services Pvt. Ltd., Delhi
11. M/s. H R Enterprise, Gujarat
12. M/s. J B Security Services, Delhi
13. M/s. J B Trading Co, Delhi
14. M/s. Jai Hind Security Services, Delhi
15. M/s. Jai Sevalal Management and Security Outsourcing Agency, Delhi
16. M/s. Kanishk Enterprises, Delhi
17. M/s. King and Angel Diamond Services Pvt. Ltd, Delhi
18. M/s. KP Enterprises
19. M/s. L R Traders, Delhi
20. M/s. LN Management Services, Telangana
21. M/s. LN Outsourcing Pvt. Ltd., Telangana
22. M/s. Lord Securator Services Pvt. Ltd., Madhya Pradesh
23. M/s. OJN Facilities Pvt. Ltd. Haryana
24. M/s. Outsourcing Solutions, Madhya Pradesh
25. M/s. Quantum Enterprises, Delhi
26. M/s. Raj Construction, Uttar PradeshM/s. Sanshi Venture, Uttar Pradesh
27. M/s. RKS Placements, Uttar Pradesh
28. M/s. Safely Protection Security Force Services, Haryana
29. M/s. Saindia Resources Pvt. Ltd., Haryana
30. M/s. Santnaam Canteen Catering and Fast Food, Gujarat
31. M/s. SDM Jobs & Consulting Pvt. Ltd., Uttar Pradesh
32. M/s. Sharp Key Management Services LLP, Delhi
33. M/s. Shiv Industrial Security Services(REGD), Uttar Pradesh
34. M/s. Shivanji Health & Wealth pvt. Ltd., Uttar Pradesh
35. M/s. Shivanji HR Solution Pvt. Ltd., Uttar Pradesh
36. M/s. Shri Ahladini Enterprises, Telangana
37. M/s. Shri Dauji Maharaj Placement Services, Uttar Pradesh
38. M/s. Sidheshwar Security Services
39. M/s. Suqad 7 Security and Allied Services, Telangana
40. M/s. Sri Sai Security Services, Telangana
41. M/s. SSB Enterprises, Telangana
42. M/s. Swiss Agency Pvt. Ltd., Andhra Pradesh
43. M/s. Tram of Sai Company, Bihar
44. M/s. Technosoft India Solutions, Madhya Pradesh
45. M/s. Treasure of Joy Ltd., New Delhi
46. M/s. Tripathi Brothers Services, New Delhi
47. M/s. Veena Enteprise, Gujarat
48. M/s. Vinyasa Infra Developers, Uttar pradesh
49. M/s. VK Startup Pvt. Ltd., Uttar Pradesh
50. M/s. Vpart Technologies and Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Uttar Pradesh
51. M/s. Zam Zam Engineering and Construction, Telangana

Awarded to Lowest : Yes
Scheduled Date of completion of supplies :
Contract No :

GEMC-511687750999866, dated 28.01.2023

Contract Date : 28/Jan/2023
Actual Date of Start of Work : 13/Feb/2023
Actual Date of Completion :
Award Date : 28/Jan/2023
Award Upload Date : 11/Mar/2023
Reasons for delay if any :
Remark if any :